Promote brand & program compliance. Increase channel partner engagement. Drive local demand. We specialize in providing custom channel marketing technology solutions and high touch channel support concierge services that help corporations and their distribution network optimize trade promotion funds and leverage branded marketing assets to drive local demand.

Channel Fusion Core Competencies & Pillars

Why Channel Fusion?



We manage $500M+ in client trade promotion funds


We manage global programs with portals localized in 12 different languages


We serve a network of over 50,000 dealers for our clients


80% of our business comes from client referrals

Integrated Platform & One Stop Service Point. For corporate clients to manage all their B2B2C channel marketing funds, digital assets, promotions, and advanced analytics. Digital Fusion (SEO, SEM, Social Media Content). Media Customization Ad Builder. Claims / Brand Audits. Program Administration (Co-op, MDF, Rebates, Spiffs, Loyalty incentives). Dashboards. Custom Process Automation. POS Collateral Ordering. Advanced Analytics Cost To Serve ROI

Strategic Channel Marketing Opportunities


    Expert Program Optimization

    Improve promotion ROI & brand compliance


    Leverage Brands To Drive Local Traffic

    Promote Integrated marketing & brand equity building


    Build Stronger Channel Partner Relationships

    Simplify, engage and empower channel partners to leverage the brand equity.


    Advanced Analytics for Insight & Decision Support

    Leverage actionable data to drive accountability and stimulate behavioral changes

We are passionate about helping clients! Learn more about our best in class solutions and how you can drive channel marketing changes (distributor satisfaction, local marketing ROI, brand compliance, integrated promotions, funds optimization

Interesting Facts

We leverage best in class practices from all key industry verticals.

We are certified minority owned small business.         

We serve client dealers from 67 countries all around the globe.

Since we started in 2002, we have had less than 2% employee turnover.