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Integrated Portal Channel Marketing Solution

Challenge: Our client's channel distribution partners found it very challenging to deploy co-branded promotions, access and find information, and leverage all the marketing assets to drive local demand. 

Action: By establishing a one stop shop channel marketing portal and ecosystem, trade promotion partners now can easily find and access everything they need, navigate without multiple passwords, and efficiently and effectively deploy all their co-branded promotions, thus making your client's brand the preferred one to promote. 

Result: By simplifying, engaging, and empowering channel partners with a one stop solution, our clients have seen partner satisfaction increase by 50%+ and a 90%+ program adoption.

Co-Promotion Brand Compliance

Challenge: Our client was challenged by trade partners that were developing creative executions that were not well designed and positioned the brand poorly.

Action: Within our turnkey channel marketing portal, we fully integrated a marketing asset management application for channel partners to easily find branded digital assets and a custom ad builder technology solution where they can now efficiently deploy co-branded customized ads and go to market quickly.

Result: Our client achieved 90% A ratings in their trade partners co-branded promotions that highlight their unique value proposition while being program compliant and building brand equity at the local level.

Digital Marketing Optimization

Challenge: Most of our client's small to medium size promotion partners were challenged with the complexity and cost to manage their overall digital marketing initiatives. When reviewing marketing media expenditures, digital marketing always ranked near the bottom of their media spending.

Action: We developed and automated a process for channel distributors & dealers to sign up through a wizard based application to optimize their digital marketing efforts. Our channel marketing concierge team is their one stop solution to manage all aspects of their digital marketing initiatives, from building their co-branded campaign landing page, to customizing their website, uploading social media content, reviewing results, to managing their co-op funds deduction.

Result: We have helped all our clients leverage digital marketing as a strategic media and digital media spending went from 0.01% to 24% of their total co-op budget in 14 months and had a significant impact on driving local traffic.

Integrated Marketing Promotion Alignment

Challenge: Our client was getting low trade partner participation in national, regional or market group promotions – truly missing out on getting the word out to customers for upcoming promotions. There was also a lack of visibility of activity planning at the local level. 

Action: We created a media calendar application that provided corporate visibility to channel partner planned activities and commitment to upcoming promotions. Funding was aligned with co-op accruals and national initiatives were made available to align with the local level while planning.

Result: Corporate and field managers now have advanced warnings on who exactly they should contact to pro-actively stimulate stronger promotion participation and what media channels are being under leveraged. The vision of synchronized media, message and frequency at the national and local level can now be achieved through visibility of channel partner promotional planning calendars.

Improved In-Store Brand Conversion

Challenge: Many promotions were not carried through the in-store customer experience and created gaps in driving stronger brand consideration and conversion, not highlighting the brand’s value to increase in-store consideration through collateral material.

Action: To improve shopper marketing and increase point of sale collateral display, we integrated a full inventory and eCommerce application within the channel marketing portal where trade partners could easily leverage their co-op funds to order marketing material from multiple suppliers in a single location.

Result: Observed a significant change (30%+) in the use of co-op funds towards branded marketing collateral and usage throughout the year versus spending of money at year end on non marketing related items.

Advanced Analytics - Insight

Challenge: Some clients that were not leveraging a best-in-class channel marketing platform prior to partnering with us were focused on managing the trade promotions from a cost perspective at the transaction level, ignoring all opportunities to promote integrated marketing, building brand equity, optimizing campaign ROI, forecasting, increasing partner engagement and satisfaction.

Action: By integrating sales information, promotion quality indices and other data sources within executive dashboards, our clients are transforming their programs into strategic marketing initiatives and elevating how co-branding with channel partners plays an import role in the marketing mix.

Result: We have qualitative and quantitative data that shows that our clients’ co-op program has the highest impact on the marketing funnel for brand consideration and conversion versus all other marketing media expenditures.

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