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How are Mobile Apps Impacting the Channel Marketing Strategy?

How are Mobile Apps Impacting the Channel Marketing Strategy?

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In recent years, mobile usage has skyrocketed. Did you know, 95% of the U.S. population owns a cell phone, and 81% of those devices are smartphones? According to App Annie, the average smartphone user has more than 80 apps on their phone and we use around 40 of them each month. In today’s society, everything is going mobile. Because of this growth, it has enhanced the need for more innovative mobile marketing strategies in the channel marketing industry.

Are your channel partners exposed to a high amount of mobile apps every day? Are they a main tool they use? Are your sales teams and managers overburdened with maintaining dealer relationships, orders, and marketing? Do your corporate people have access to rapid decision support information? With a solid channel marketing app, you can solve all of these issues, with the touch of a button.

Mobile is not the future, it’s now.

Let’s discuss how channel marketing strategies are being impacted by mobile delivery.

1.Dealer Experience

2.Sales Enablement 

3.Quick Access & Rapid Decisions


Dealer Experience: Mobile usage is higher than ever before. According to Comscore, the total Smartphone usage in the U.S. has nearly doubled from three years ago. Today, most B2B’s are Smartphone users and consumers of apps. Channel partners are now exposed to such a high amount, and variety of apps, it’s what they begin to expect and use. Your brand needs to be offering channel marketing initiatives such as Co-op, SPIFF, and Rebates, through a mobile platform. For example, we have provided our industry leading clients with their very own mobile app which their dealers can download from the Apple App Store. With this app, their channel partners can instantly submit their co-op claims. Instead of manually having to fill out a claim and send it in, they can submit them with a push of a button. By being able to accomplish tasks like these, it saves them time and money.  


Sales Enablement: Sales teams and managers are constantly overburdened with maintaining dealer relationships, orders, and marketing. Even more, channel marketing efforts tend to add to this burden. However, when you supply them with a strong channel marketing mobile platform, they can do all of these things on the fly. Not only does it add to sales enablement, but it also makes their job easier. In the end, this saves them time and increases your brand’s coverage.


Quick Access & Rapid Decisions: In the channel marketing world, a mobile platform can allow corporate people to have quick access to rapid decision support information. A solid channel marketing platform also allows them to look at dashboards, look at key metrics quickly, and make key decisions on their channel programs. They can also access key performance metrics, which ultimately can help increase efficiency.


By offering channel marketing initiatives through a mobile platform you can save your channel partners time, make their lives easier, and increase your brand’s coverage. Do you have a channel marketing strategy in place? How are you delivering it? We would love to hear from you. If you want to talk further about this topic or have any other questions about your channel programs, give us a call at (319)-294-7501 or email us at


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Haley Corkery
Corporate Marketing Specialist 
Channel Fusion


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