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Are You Providing Your Channel Partners with the Digital Tools Necessary to Succeed?

Are You Providing Your Channel Partners with the Digital Tools Necessary to Succeed?

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Part six of a six-part series


In part five of our six-part series, Are You Providing Your Channel Partners with Exceptional Service, we went through the three main factors you must offer your channel partners in order for them to succeed and a true partnership to form. This ultimately helps you determine whether you are a leader or follower in channel marketing. Today we continue with part six of this series, exploring our final factor, “Are you providing your channel partners with the necessary digital tools needed to succeed?”

Digital is ever evolving and can be very overwhelming to brand marketing teams, let alone your channel partners. Providing them with turnkey digital solutions on relevant platforms based, that are truly local, continues to be a challenge for many brand channel marketing initiatives.

How do you generate content and ensure that it’s brand compliant? How do you make sure every consumer interaction with every digital touchpoint is consistent for that channel partner? Through;


  1. SEM
  2. Online Directories
  3. Online Reputation Management
  4. Social Media Content


Are you offering your channel partners these digital tools and programs needed to succeed? If not, you still have some work to do.



1. You Can Target Your Audience on Search Engines: When it comes to Google AdWords and Bing Ads, you can display very specific ads and messaging based on the keywords users enter into a search. Whether your target audience is a teenager looking to get an oil change in Denver, or a retiree in Iowa needing new tires, you will be able to easily target them both. In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.


How Digital Fusion Can Help: Our digital marketing specialists, who are certified in Google AdWords, will assist your channel partners to select the best pay-per-click platforms for their business. They will work with your partners to create compelling and effective paid ad campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads and/or Yahoo. These ads will increase the likelihood of local businesses being found by potential customers online and all of that seamlessly integrated with co-op funds without the need for any claimback submissions.


Online Directories

1. Inconsistent and Inaccurate Information Makes It Difficult for Your Potential Customers to Find You: The odds are high that somewhere on the internet there is inaccurate information about your business. Whether that’s a wrong phone number, address, broken link to your website, or expired product information, inconsistency and inaccurate information turns customers away. In fact, according to the Eliot Management Group, 37% of consumers will not consider a business with inconsistent information and 32% of consumers will not consider a business with the wrong contact information listed online. So, where does an online reputation management system come in? It solves this problem by automatically searching the web for mentions of your business, so you know where your business is listed, gaining you access to see if your information is accurate. When you don’t fix these inaccuracies, your channel partners lose their credibility, ultimately hurting your brand and losing you customers.


How Digital Fusion Can Help: Our Digital Fusion team monitors your dealer partner information for accuracy in 50+ online directories and takes corrective action quickly to provide the most accurate information to their potential customers.  


Online Reputation Management

1. It Doesn’t Matter if They Can Find You if You Have 1-Star Reviews

When it comes to online reputation management, ratings and reviews can make or break your company.  Even if you don’t collect ratings and reviews on your website or social channels, there are a myriad of third-party sites collecting information, ratings, and reviews on your business. It is imperative to monitor and respond to this feedback. Did you know it is critical that you respond to a customer’s concern within 48 hours? Otherwise, the damage to your reputation significantly increases. Other important statistics you should be aware of, 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When you have a shorter response time, this leads to quicker resolutions, fewer complaints, and satisfied customers. Positive reviews make up 73% of consumers trust in a local business. People talk. Make sure it’s positive.  


How Digital Fusion Can Help: Our Digital Fusion team will protect your brand and improve overall ratings and reviews by responding to user’s comments in a timely manner. By being proactive and establishing and maintaining your online reputation, you help ensure a positive name for your brand. Put your best foot forward.


Social Media Content

1. Quality Social Media Content Drives Engagement: We’ve all heard the incredibly high stats on users and their engagement on major social media platforms. Your channel partners MUST create high quality and effective content to drive engagement on these platforms with their prospective customers. Did you know…

  • 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading relevant material
  • 73% of consumers get frustrated when served content that isn’t relevant to them
  • 60% of people credit content for helping them make better product decisions


Producing quality content drives good conversations which generate leads and ultimately engagement and sales.

How Digital Fusion Can Help: Our team of digital marketing specialists will assist your network of local distributors, dealers or franchisees in their digital marketing efforts while ensuring that your brand voice is clearly represented. Channel Fusion guarantees that your brand guidelines are followed and is committed to providing exceptional customer service to both its corporate customers and their channel network every step of the way.


No matter the products and services you provide, you need digital marketing. With Digital Fusion, we can help you grow and engage your audience, ultimately increasing sales and exposure. This concludes our six-part blog series. We would love to hear from you. If you want to talk further about this topic or have any other questions about your channel programs, give us a call at (319)-294-8009 or email us at


Kind Regards! 

Haley Corkery
Corporate Marketing Specialist 
Channel Fusion

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