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Are You Providing the Necessary Programs and Tools for You and Your Channel Partners to Succeed?

Are You Providing the Necessary Programs and Tools for You and Your Channel Partners to Succeed?

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Part four of a six-part series


In part three of our six-part series, Do Your Channel Partners Consider You Essential to Their Success, we went through the three main factors you must provide in order for your partners to view you as an asset in their achievements. This ultimately helps you determine whether you are a leader or follower in channel marketing. Today we continue with part four of this series, exploring our fourth area, “Are you providing the necessary programs and tools for you and your channel partners to succeed?”

Here are some key questions to ask.

  1. Are you providing effective co-marketing programs that drive results for your channel partners?
  2. Are you providing effective tools to make it easy for your channel partners to advertise your brand’s products and go to market quickly?
  3. Are you providing helpful insights for your channel partners?

By answering these questions, this will help you determine whether you are at the leadership level or not. Let’s begin.


Are You Providing Effective Co-Marketing Programs That Drive Results for Your Channel Partners?

Effective co-marketing programs, such as Co-op, MDF, Incentive (SPIFF), Rebate, and Digital Marketing, facilitate win-win scenarios for you and your channel partners in a few different ways.

These effective programs:

  1. Drive demand generation and results (sales/traffic) by leveraging corporate marketing initiatives at the local level.
  2. Leverage brand equity and value. Effective programs help build the brand at the local level and drive business.
  3. Motivate channel partners to sell your brand/product over the competition’s by providing timely incentives.
  4. Provide turnkey digital marketing initiatives and measurable tracking and results as well as integrated consumer experience through synchronized efforts on all major digital platforms. 


Are You Providing Effective Tools to Make It Easy for Your Channel Partners to Advertise Your Brand’s Products?

It is also necessary to augment these effective co-marketing programs with intuitive and engaging tools for the channel to go to market quickly. Examples include:  

  1. Content-rich collateral customizer and digital asset management, which provides brand standardized advertising that goes to the market quickly and a platform with real-time access. 
  2. Point of sale material ordering tool with integrated ecommerce functionality that rapidly supplies all the marketing collateral your channel partners need to help increase your brand’s coverage.
  3. Simple and easy to use apps for claim submission (co-op, SPIFF, Rebate, etc.) to mitigate administrative overhead and increase program adoption.
  4. Marketing planning tools to maximize the effectiveness of marketing dollars. Based on what amount partners have, provide them with helpful guidance on how to spend it.


Are You Providing Helpful Insights for Your Channel Partners?

It is also critical to be a consultant for your channel partners, turning your tools into a roadmap and offering helpful insights. Examples include:

  1. Provide real-time access to dealers on marketing spend behavior. By providing partners with the status of their funds and claims, you are allowing them to plan ahead and use their funds strategically.  
  2. Share best practices of dealers and marketing campaigns such as; the best time to post on social media, paid Facebook ads vs yellow pages, informing what SEM campaigns are used for, showing partners what they should do with their website, and much more.
  3. Use insights from dealer spending behavior, market, and consumer data to drive marketing strategies and smart decisions at the local level. When you have access to what the market and dealers are doing, and you share this information with them in a meaningful way, you both will be successful.  


When you provide your partners with the tools and programs needed to succeed, strong partnerships form and sales can surge. Their success can lead to your own. What programs and tools are you providing your partners in order to help them succeed? Let us know in the comment below. Stay tuned for part five of our six-part series where we will discuss “Are You Providing Your Dealers with Exceptional Service?” We would love to hear from you. If you want to talk further about this topic or have any other questions about your channel programs, give us a call at (319)-294-7501 or email us at

Kind Regards! 

Haley Corkery
Corporate Marketing Specialist 
Channel Fusion

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