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Is your partner channel succeeding in marketing their businesses online? Is your brand voice getting lost in their digital efforts? We can help. With Digital Fusion, Channel Fusion gives its corporate clients the opportunity to drive its local affiliates’ efforts with custom website design, social media management, online listing support  and search engine marketing.

Our team of digital marketing specialists will assist your network of local distributors, dealers or franchisees in their digital marketing efforts, while ensuring that your brand voice is clearly represented. Channel Fusion guarantees that your brand guidelines are followed, and is committed to providing exceptional customer service to both its corporate customers and their channel network every step of the way.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Our Digital Marketing Specialists are experts in social media marketing, and can guarantee that your brand has a voice in your dealer channels’ social media efforts. We currently offer the creation, optimization and content management of local business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to increase local customer engagement.

Online Listing Management

The Digital Fusion team will ensure that local business directory listings are accurate across 50+ online maps, apps, directories, social networks and search engines. Having accurate listing information across the web is essential to building trust with customers and improving organic website listings.

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Online Listings

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Specialists will build and manage search engine marketing campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini to help connect potential customers with your local dealer channel. By partnering with our co-op management arm, we can guarantee representation and that your brand guidelines are followed within these digital marketing efforts.

Website/Microsite Creation

The importance of local businesses having a professional, mobile-friendly website cannot be understated. Digital Fusion by Channel Fusion can help your network create and manage a state-of-the art website, while guaranteeing your brand guidelines are clearly followed.

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